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·Witches of the West
·Temple of the Sacred Craft
·Institute of Real Estate Management
·Discovery Channel Science Connection
·Discovery Channel Education UnitedStreaming
·Seaton Corp's SourcingScout

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Web Design and Development
You website will be designed using Best of the Breed tools like Cold Fusion to deliver dynamic content that you can manage, or if you prefer, we also offer management services. Cold Fusion's poweful database and data manipulation technologies will allow you to have a powerful web-based application for your business needs. This application will be availible to you, or your employees, anywhere you have computer access, which means that reports and other business functions can be done from the conveniece of you home, or if you are out of town on business, you can access these business tools from you hotel room or an internet kiosk. Web application enable you to bring the power of your business with you when you travel for business, or if you just have to stay home with the kids.
Security is also of primary concern, so any sections of your website that are not to be viewed by the general public, will be put safely behind secure directories or protected through a web based security system, keeping anyone you don't want in, out, while allowing you remote access to your data and business tools.
You will also have a web presence that will allow potential customers to find you using internet search engines like Google© and Yahoo© to locate the services and products your company offers. As part of the web services package, your site will be registered with major search engines to ensure that your site will be known.
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